Aims and scope

The Journal of Nonsmooth Analysis and Optimization is a scholarly journal, provided on a Fair Open Access basis, without cost to both readers and authors. It disseminates peer-reviewed articles in all aspects of nonsmooth analysis relevant to optimization and equilibrium problems such as analysis of

  • infinite-dimensional algorithms for nonsmooth optimization and equilibrium problems, in particular in function spaces,
  • necessary and sufficient optimality conditions based on generalized derivatives,
  • stability properties – including regularization theory – of nonsmooth optimization and equilibrium problems,
  • solution properties such as preservation of continuity or discontinuity properties of problem data,
  • problem reformulations such as convex relaxation and lifting,
  • optimization of variational inequalities and nonsmooth equations,
  • bi- and multilevel optimization,
  • robust and chance-constrained optimization.

Papers focusing on applications are also welcome if the results are of broader interest beyond application specialists and contain mathematical insights (either analytical or algorithmic) that are relevant for other applications as well. In addition, the introduction must be understandable to any (mathematically oriented) reader of the journal.

The journal also invites works of an expository nature; these should be clearly marked as such during submission and in the abstract to ensure appropriate review. There is no page limit for expository articles; other articles should have a length commensurate with the magnitude of their original contribution.

Fair open access

The journal is committed to the principles of Fair Open Access. In particular,

  1. it is owned and controlled by the scholarly community as outlined in the constitution,
  2. authors retain copyright of their works, which are published under a standard open access license as outlined in the editorial policy,
  3. all articles are made freely available to the public without any cost to authors in the form of an arXiv overlay journal based on the Épisciences platform as described in the submission guide.


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